Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integrations

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Synchronization between Bitrix24 and analytics systems (Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics).

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  • Saving the budget and increasing the effectiveness of the advertising campaign;
  • Saving time for creating and maintaining an advertising company;
  • Advanced statistics (for example, the number of quality LEADs or the amount of confirmed orders);
  • There is no need to integrate Google and Facebook separately, because everything works through 1 plugin;
  • Easy setup - sending a target using robots.
How it works
  1. When setting up an advertising company in Google or Facebook, indicate that you want to pay for a conversion, select a couple of key high-frequency queries (for example, consult a lawyer or buy a refrigerator) and write several relevant ads;
  2. Advertising platforms show ads and teach their algorithms to select a suitable target audience;
  3. Your ad is shown only to those who are most likely to convert;

Pricing (cancel anytime)
Free 30-day trial. Monthly and annual subscription prices.

Versión 2
Bug Fix: Now, when selecting a lead's responsible person, the user's avatar is displayed correctly. Thank you for helping us improve the app!

Versión 1
Sending a conversion to Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics. Ideal for optimizing pay-per-conversion ads

Installation, setup and FAQ -

Attention! Setting up the plugin requires knowledge of Bitrix24 and a general understanding of integration. Therefore, we recommend that you contact your Bitrix24 Partner for help or contact us if you do not have your own integrator.