GDPR for employees

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Now you can ensure compliance to GDPR for your employees in Bitrix24.

General Data Protection Regulation came into effect on May 25, 2018.

This  application enables you to meet these requirements with respect to  Bitrix24 user rights to erasure, anonymization and data portability.

Main features:

  • Download personal data as archive
  • Anonymize profile*
  • Delete chat messages & comments of the employee and anonymize profile**

*Note. Anonymizing your profile in this Bitrix24 account is designed to randomize and delete critical personal data (name, phone number, social networks and contact data provided by the employee).

Data to be deleted (user profile fields):

  • gender, profession & position, website, date of birth, photo, ICQ, personal, internal and work phone number, fax, pager, street address, city of residence, region/state, postal code, country, company, interests, skills, other websites, Xing, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, district.
Data to be randomized (replaced by random values):

  • email, name, mobile phone number

**Note. By selecting Erasure option you'll be able to anonymize employee's profile in your Bitrix24 account as described above. Furthermore, crucial data will be deleted with neither an option to restore it nor view the erased data.

Data to be erased:

  • User comments, including comments to Feed posts
  • Feed posts created by the user
  • Chat messages composed by the user.

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Versión 2
Added  option to download and anonymize: activity stream messages, comments to  activity stream posts, comments to tasks, open channel messages.

Versión 1
Now you can ensure compliance to GDPR for your employees in Bitrix24.

If you are facing an issue or would like to receive some more information about the app, kindly contact Bitrix24 support. Our dedicated Integrations support team will be delighted to assist you and provide guidance on any inquiries you may have regarding the app.

Additionally, we highly recommend following the steps outlined in this article to troubleshoot common issues in the event that the app is not functioning or connecting as expected.

Complete standard installation procedure at Bitrix24.Market and proceed with the following steps:
  1. Enter the app.
  2. Сonfigure user settings with respect to their personal data in the Users tab.
  3. Select user to configure his or her settings (configure user settings with respect to their right to erasure and right to anonymization).
  4. Save settings.
  5. Employees can download, anonymize or completely delete personal data fr om this Bitrix24 account